Dourakis Winery went through a total rebranding of its labels this year, starting with one of its favorites, Kydos Malvasia Aromatica, now called Zilos, Malvasia, BIO.

According to Greek mythology, Zelos was a winged deity, the personification of devotion, glory and the ardent desire and need for excellence. Characteristics that after the titanic battle made him and his family, the protectors and agents of Zeus.
This name is perfectly suited to this elegant wine with its intense aromatic character. The product is produced from organically grown grapes certified by DIO. It is produced on the winery's premises using renewable energy sources. The name is accompanied by a new recycled paper label with images of the deity. It has a pale lemon colour with green highlights. On the nose we find apricot, peach, jasmine and lemon zest. Crisp acidity on the palate, with flavours of ripe apricot, orange and rabbit cherry.

Second stop for the revamped range is the Lychnos Vidiano BIO label, which has kept this important name with a new hand-sketched look. In the early days of the family winery, grandfather Andreas Durakis, (father of founder Andreas Durakis) used a traditional lychnos to oversee the barrels in the dark cellar. This label honors the grandfather. The look on his face in the sketch confirms his love for wine. The grapes are grown organically, harvested by hand and sorted through the many small parcels on the estate. Lychnos Vidiano is a dry white wine made from organically grown grapes. On the nose we detect aromas of stone fruits such as peach, green fruits and vanilla from the barrel aging. You can drink it now and five years later.

Next up is the "value for money" Rizitis range which changes its name to Monoceros. Monoceros (Latin Monoceros) is a constellation first discovered in 1624 by astronomer Jakob Bartsch and is one of 88 official constellations established by the International Astronomical Union. Monoceros Rosé is a light and dry wine made from the Grenache Rouge grape variety. Lovely pink hues, aromas of rose petal and strawberry. On the palate we find red fruits such as cherry, cranberry and strawberries. It pairs perfectly with salads, where tomato dominates and shrimp dishes.


Three new codes are coming, all from the Romeiko variety, which the Dourakis winery particularly honors. Apus, a Blanc de Noir, Canopus, a Marouba-type aged Romeiko and Cassopeia sparkling wine methode traditionelle. These wines along with the wonderful Euphoria dessert, a naturally sweet wine released in 2011, complete the tetralogy of styles for this very important variety.

The Durakis family wishes everyone a wonderful wine journey, a happy and healthy Year 2022