In 2020, The Cattin-Grands vins Cremant d΄ Alsace estate celebrates 300th anniversary.

For the 300th anniversary of our wine estate, we had planned a lot of celebrations for you which had to be canceled or postponed to calmer times.

But this artistic and oenological concept is one that cannot be stopped and today begins a story of time that will last no less than ... 14 years “Jacques Cattin Jr, says”.

This time will be symbolized by this jeroboam-shaped work of art from Crémant, a special cuvée that has been called "Kairos", the name of the God of the right occasion and the concept of doing the right thing at the right time.

More precisely, it is an immaterial notion of time measured not by a watch, but by a feeling.

In order to experience the "Kairos Cattin", 300 jeroboams will be offered in 3 moments, at a rate of 100 in 2020, 100 in 2027, and 100 in 2034.

Between each period, the bottles will age in our cellars to gain in complexity, continues Anais Cattin. And the 9 works that adorn this collector's bottle will also evolve according to the artists' inspiration of the artists

More than a cuvée, more than a bottle, this is a unique concept in the wine world and which will perfectly represent to our taste the evolution of wine and art over time. Stay connect to Famille Cattin web page, invite your friends, because we will tell you more regularly about this fascinating philosophical and oenological concept.