A Greek lady in Paris and in this case a Lenga in the French capital for the Feminalise world competition. Or maybe a Lenga in duplicate?
The boutique Avantis Estate from Evia island, Greece,  participates in a unique competition.

The Concours Mondial des Féminalise, the world's largest competition for wines/sake/spirits tasted exclusively by women.

Let's meet the 2 wines Lenga and Lenga Pink.

Lenga, Gewurztraminer 100%

Growing in Greece a famous variety that thrives in Alsace could be a risky business.
But the winemaker Apostolos Mountrichas persistence and absolute acclimatization of the variety in Evia has been giving miraculous results since 2007.

And something even more important. It is the wine that the winemaker dedicates to his wife, Lenga.

Tasting notes
Pale gold colour with green tints, pronounced intensity of sweet roses, lychee, exotic fruits, pepper, mint, ginger, caramel and spices.Full body with pronounced floral and spicy characteristics. 

The texture is intense and well balanced to the acidity, thus creating long length.

Aging: 3 years

Several golden awards in global competition like:

Decanter World Wine Awards

International Wine Challenge

Mundus Vini International Wine Award

Balkans International Wine Competition

Sakura Award

Vinalies International



 Lenga Pink Gewurztraminer & Mavrokoudoura

After the great success of Lenga 100% Gewurztraminer, the winemaker Apostolos Mountrichas "married" the Alsatian variety with Mavrokudoura, a native and ancient variety from Evia.
This is another clone of the Aegean Mantilaria, but with smaller grapes, a darker colour and more velvety tannins.
The result is unique.

Tasting Notes

Pale salmon color with delicate aromas of pink roses, sweet grape and hints of citrus fruits. The palate is dry with a moderate sense of sweetness, aromas of red small sour fruits, red pepper, spicy, character and medium acidity. Pleasant and long aftertaste.

Accompanies: Stuffed tomatoes, shrimps, sea food pasta, salmon, sushi.

Aging : 2 years

Photo Credit: Avantis Estate