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The International Wine Competition «Μondial Des Vins Blancs Starsbourg, 2021 Edition» was successfully completed during the weekend of 2nd & 3d October, in a prestigious place : the Palais de la Musique et des Congrès Strasbourg

After more than 20 years of experience «Le Mondial des Vins Blancs Strasbourg» is the only international wine competition, entirely dedicated to the diversity of the white wines, which is under the patronage of the International Vine and Wine (OIV).

The competition proposed 12 categories as follows:





Pinot Blanc

Pinot gris





Other White grape varieties

White blended Wines



The Competition.

 How it works Due to the COVID pandemic.

 The first rule to be followed is the health protocol. The health standards will be applied according to current government guidelines. Then, regarding the tasting itself, the very strict tasting rules require the jurors to be unfailingly impartial in their judgement. The tasters will be required not only to taste but also to describe and comment on the wines according to the following criteria :

  • The visual aspect
  • The olfactive aspect
  • The impression on the palate
  • The overall impression
  • The particular uniqueness and character of the product. The whole criteria are then reported and registered through a numerical process thanks to an electronic device.

The «Mondial des Vins Blancs Strasbourg» welcomeδ professional tasters (qualified tasters, oenologists, sommeliers; wine growers, journalists etc...), selected throughout the world according to their experience and competences. Most of them are also experts for other international OIV supported competitions. One of them was the earliest MW of the world, Mr. John Umberto Salvi MW.



Each table  made up from 5 to 7 places. So, a majority of foreign tasters is secured for each table. There were 10 tables. Each jury tasteδ the grape varieties every day starting at 8.30 am. The 70 international judges debated, rated their jury’s table regarding about 700 tasted samples and grant them their note. The rewarded winegrowers  authorized to affix the seals of the prizes obtained to their bottles.

The awards were given to wines obtaining:

  • for a gold: a Minimum of 89 points
  • for a silver: a Minimum of 85 points.

Only 30% of the wines can be awarded a medal.



Here are the results for the 2021 edition:

  1. The Grand Jury Prize goes to

 Domaine Pierre et Frédéric Becht with Riesling, AOP Alsace, selection of Noble Grains

  1. Vinofed award for Cave de Turcheim with Sylvaner, AOC Alsace Vieilles Vignes
  2. 11 trophies SEC WINE including 6 for France 1 for Greece, 1 for Australia, 1 for Hungary and 1 for the Czech Republic.

Congratulations to the winners of Germany, Chile, Spain, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Moldova, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine.1.

It was great honor for to participate in «Mondial des Vins Blancs Strasbourg» as official media partner. and we congratulate the organizers Christine Coĺlins Director of MDVB and Frédérique Pierré Communication PR manager  as well the Greek wineries:


  1. Charismatiki wines with Chardonnay from Kavala
  2. Strataridakis winery with Moschato Spinas from Crete
  3. Ktima Erythrou Rodou with Malagouzia from Drama
  4. Monemvasia winery with Kydonitsa from Laconia



The competition in numbers:

700 white wines and 70 judges coming from more than 20 countries and from 5 continents

12 categories

23 years of experience

Let’s meet the partners

A renewed patronage OIV - A Prestigious patronage

The OIV Patronage (Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin) is a prestigious and required approval to belong to the wine competitions of international fame that the Great White wines of the world competition obtained 10 years ago for the first time. Thanks to the Strasbourg événements’ compliance with the strict rules of the international competitions, the OIV renewed one more time its confidence and its prestigious patronage. Thanks to those official checks and supervision, Strasbourg événements can guarantee a worldwide recognition to the competitors. The rewarded winegrowers will be authorized to affix the seals of the prizes obtained to their bottles.

  The event was also attended by Mrs Pr Dr. Monica Christmann OIV Honory Chairwoman



VINOFED is the World Federation of Major International Wine and Spirits competitions and gathers currently 18 major competitions.

With its observer status at the Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin (OIV), VINOFED collaborates in the development and revision of OIV Standards for International wines and spirits as well as guidelines for competitions. Vinofed obtains OIV patronage for its members. VINOFED audits each competition to exacting standards. The aim is to ensure absolute credibility for VINOFED members and to ensure the authenticity and high quality of wines and spirits that obtain awards, and to give them the right to carry the VINOFED label. VINOFED gives the producers the assurance that its products have been assessed according to well-defined guidelines by competent international tasters. It strengthens consumer confidence by guaranteeing the quality of award-winning products.

A VINOFED award for the best DRY wine for the third time the VINOFED prize (0-4g sugar) will be granted to the best DRY Wine in the competition all categories combined.

Also Mr. Fernando Gurucharri Jaque Vinofed President attended the competition


The Union de la Sommellerie Française

The Union de la Sommellerie Francaise*, is well represented at Le Mondial des Vins Blancs. This association, which aims to promote, support, develop, improve and protect the Sommelier profession and activity, brings an additionnal guarantee of the tasters’ competences and grants a valued credibility to the winners. Strasbourg Evènements welcomes many representatives of the UDSF, which confirms the Unions interest towards le Mondial des Vins Blancs. Serge DUBS, 1989 World’s Best Sommelier and also Vice President of the A.S.I. (association de la sommellerie international) will take part in the tastings as member of the jury. For this entire career, he was rewarded in March 2021, the 1st Gérard Basset Prize. He is undoubtedly the ambassador of the Alsatian vineyards. Other members from the stearing committee of the Association of Alsatian Sommeliers will also judge the samples, which shows the increasing interest of the official wine authorities in the Mondial des Vins Blancs Strasbourg. It should be noted that, each year, the wine stewards supervised by their teacher Antoine WOERLÉ, are students “course sommellerie” of the Lycee Hôtelier Alexandre Dumas of Illkirch, near Strasbourg.

We are proud to announce that Serge Dubs will be awarded on October the 3rd, a highly Alsatian distinction, the «Bretzel d’or». For his constant contribution to the Alsatian excellence through his actions in Alsace, France and internationally, bravo Monsieur Serge! More informations :


L’Union des Œnologues de France The Enologists syndicate

Founded in 1959 (4 years after the DNO degree) the Union des Oenologues de France gathers all wine professionnals graduated with the DNO. 1500 Enologists have joined the Union to contribute to the recognition and the protection of their job. Their opinions regarding wine regulations and sector are then reported to the national and international wine and vine organizations. Thanks to a 7 agencies organization, the Union is directly connected with its members and the daily operations (the agencies are located in Alsace, Bordeaux Sud-Ouest, Bourgogne Centre Est, Champagne, Languedoc-Roussillon, Provence-Corse-Vallée du Rhône and Val de Loire). Each Region manages its own activities (wine contests, tastings), organizes meetings (technical conferences) is connected with the regional offices and is in charge of the organization of the Congrès national des OEnologues each year in May.

Le CIVA #drinkalsace

The conseil interprofessionnel des Vins d’Alsace (CIVA) was instituted by decree on April 22, 1963. Its field of activity covered the AOC Alsace, recognized by decree on October 3, 1962. It was later expanded with the appellations «Alsace Grand Cru» and «Crémant d’Alsace», recognized respectively by decree on November 20, 1975 and on August 24, 1976. The Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin d’Alsace (of Alsace wine) such as it was originally named, later became «Conseil Interprofessionnel of Alsace Wines», therefore including the diversity of wines of Alsace and their appellations. The CIVA gathers more than 850 wine producers (wineries, cooperative cellars, wine merchants).



The ANEV is the national association of elected representatives of the vine and wine.

The National Association of Elected Vine and Wine was born on June 15, 1999 at the initiative of some twenty parliamentarians from wine constituencies across France. Its creation was a response to the observation made by Michel Grégoire, former agricultural technician and Member of Parliament for Drôme, who deplored the absence of a network of elected representatives to represent the vine and wine territories, who nevertheless share so many concerns. and commonalities. Inspired by other associations of elected officials serving the territories, these elected officials then decided to found ANEV to constitute the network of elected representatives of wine, transcending all political and geographic divisions. ANEV now has several hundred members, including a large majority of wine-growing municipalities and intermunicipal bodies, as well as around one hundred parliamentarians from regions and departments. 

The schools partners

The lycée Alexandre Dumas

The lycée Alexandre Dumas of Illkirch Graffenstaden specialized in tourism, hotel and catering trainings - proposes a one year training, the «Mention Complémentaire - Sommellerie». 10 to 12 weeks of training period are mandatory. Managed by their teachers, the students in Sommellerie will ensure for the 23rd consecutive year, the wine service during the competition. A rich live experience for those future sommeliers who will get their “Mondial des Vins Blancs” wine service diploma after the competition!


The AIVA, The International Academy of Wines in Alsace

The International Academy of Wines in Alsace teaches, develops and deepens all the wine professions: Viticulture, Winemaking, Sommellerie, Management, Marketing, Communication, Management and Commercialization. AIVA proposes and ensures the adequacy between the teaching delivered and the professional skills required. AIVA collaborates with speakers appreciated for their professionalism in the wine sectors, sales, communication, export, oenotourism and others. AIVA adapts to a very diverse audience and offers both very short training courses on request, as well as pathways to university degrees. The AIVA WSET students, as observers, are invited to taste the competing white wines. They will mark the samples according to the OIV rules exactly in the same conditions as the expert jurors, even if their points will not be taken into account for the final compilation. A great challenge for the students and the opportunity of meeting worldwide experts!



During the first day of the competition there were two extremely interesting masterclasses for the journalists and the schools partners students as well as for the Jury members: 

2 simultaneous Masterclasses

Both took place on Saturday the 2nd october CHILEAN WINES AND VINEYARDS, presented by Cécilia ALARCON SALINAS, Chilean Sommelière. A trip in South American and a degustation of 5 particular white wines:

• Casa Marin, Cipreses, Sauvignon Blanc, San Antonio Valley

• Viña Estampa, Inspiración Riesling, Paredones-Colchagua Valley

• Pandolfi Price Wines, Los Patricios, Chardonnay, Itata Valley

• Roberto Henriquez, Rivera del Notro Blanco, Itata Valley (Blend Moscatel, Corinto and Semillon)

• Viña Capitán Pastene, Los Confines, Moscatel de Alejandría, Malleco Valley


Thanks to our partner, the CIVA AND the head oenologist  and chief wine educator Mr. Thierry Fritsch who  presented the diversity of Alsatian terroirs and invited us to an exceptional tasting of 5 white wines :

- Grand Cru Altenberg de Bergbieten -

-Grand Cru Brand - Grand Cru Kastelberg -

-Grand Cru Pfersigberg -

-Grand Cru Rangen


Find all medals online at: Results - Mondial des Vins Blancs (

 Photo Credit: @allwinestories 2021 @vineonewsAlsace