The Portugal Wine Trophy continues today at Curia.
Yesterday November 27th was also dedicated to cultural events, so we visited the High Performance Sports Center.
The High Performance Centre in Anadia is one of the biggest investments on sports in Portugal, the result of a combination of financial efforts between national and EU funds. Since 2014, it has been coordinated by a task force composed by public authorities and it is part of the Portuguese Network of High Performance Sports Centres.
This equipment provides its athletes with the best training conditions, fundamental for the high-performance sports development. It is the first stage for great victories and achievements, individually a collectively.

High performance Sports Center, Anadia


This High Performance Sports Centre’s impact in the Municipality of Anadia has been, since its foundation, of great importance, both in terms of sports development and equipment, as well as in its social and economic growth.

The High Performance Sports Centre in Anadia has had athletes from around 43 different nationalities. From the European continent, to Australia, China, Argentina, USA, Qatar, and others, the athletes found at this sports equipment, the infrastructures and professionals needed for appropriate training.

2 Wheels Museum


Then we visited the 2 Wheels Museum.
The municipality of Anadia has recently opened a museum devoted to 2-wheeled vehicles: M2R - Museu das 2 Rodas. This one-of-a-kind museum is housed in Sangalhos velodrome, paying a tribute to the decisive role played by these vehicles in the history of mobility in Portugal.

The 2-wheel Museum presents to its visitors deeply iconic pieces, such as the bicycles used by Joaquim Agostinho or the famous mopeds used in the beginning of the 20th century. One of the oldest bicycles of this Museum dates back to the 19th century.

The bike and motorcycle industry has always been an engine triggering the economical development of the region of Anadia. The past, the present and the future of 2-wheel mobility to be discovered at this absolutely unique museum!


The President of VinoFed  Fernando Gurucchari Jacue


 Later that evening, the Municipality of Anadia provided us with dinner accompanied by the famous traditional Portuguese music Fado. Fado is a musical genre that can be traced back to the 1820s in Lisbon, Portugal, but probably has much older roots. Fado historian and scholar Rui Vieira Nery states that "the only reliable information on the history of fado is transmitted orally and dates back at best to the 1820s and 1830s. But even this information was often modified in the process of transmission from generation to generation that has reached the present day.
The surprise of the evening was also announced at the event. The next Portugal Wine trophy will be held in Madeira.

 Henk Gibramczik, Director Berliner Wine Trophy

Jorge  Eduardo Ferreira Sampaio, Director Portugal Wine Trophy


The ex-libris of the tourism in the Atlantic Ocean, also known as "The Pearl of the Atlantic", is a place of vineyard’s cultivation. The well known “Madeira” wine is the best example, showing unusual qualities and features, such as its longevity.
The competition continues. Stay tuned and follow allwinestories on social media for the great wine events as media partners.


The Fado singer