2022-01-11 Marinos Skolarikos

Discover both vintage 2020 and the ‘under the radar’ wines.

Today is the official start of Bourgogne Week 2022 and Bourgogne wines will once again be galvanizing the British wine trade to discover the 2020 Bourgogne

vintage at the various tastings taking place this month.

Chiming with the British spirit - the plan is to ‘Keep Calm and Carry On Tasting’. Despite the on-going issues with Covid-19, Bourgogne Week is still very much taking place

this year with confidence that the venues hosting live tastings will of course be taking necessary steps and taking all advice under the current guidelines for those who wish to attend.

 Starting today, on Monday 10 January, London’s various Bourgogne tastings will be an opportunity to not only introduce the new vintage in the UK, but also taste some of the fantastic ‘lesser-known’ appellations from the region - with many hidden-gems of Bourgogne’s wine appellations from the region - with many hidden-gems of Bourgogne’s wine appelllations still undiscovered by the UK wine trade. More tastings will be held after 14 January.


 An update on the 2020 vintage: A great classic, the result of a unique year According to many wine professionals in Bourgogne, the 2020 vintage is quite unique as this year was a historically precocious one, from budburst to harvest, and as well from its conditions and context around the production.

This vintage promises to be remarkable with some exceptional results in certain areas. This can be explained by the weather, which allowed, in spring, a flowering in ideal conditions, followed by warm temperatures during the summer. The combination of warm temperatures and dry weather, have nevertheless contributed in obtaining an attractive vintage with beautiful balance and freshness.

 In the end, for many winegrowers, the results have been absolutely exceptional, and remarkably classic!

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