Jurors presents on 1st day


The Portugal Wine Trophy took place for the seventh time, sixth in Anadia. Once again, the PWT played a prominent role in the international ranking of wine competitions. Almost 1.500 submitted samples. Fantastic wines from all over the world, but especially from the host country, Portugal, have made life difficult for the jurors for 3 days from 15 diferent countries; according to the OIV rules only 30% of the submitted wines can be awarded.


Students of Anadia Professional School

Hotel das Termas, in Curia, Anadia, is the place chosen for the competition. The support service is guaranteed by the students of Anadia Professional School, who every year do an excellent job.


Some of representative country jurors

For three days, the judges, in addition to the work of tasting the wines, have a lot to discover and, as such, they will learn about the local gastronomy, sports structures and visits to cellars.


Competition wines